Frequently Asked Questions

Canada Green Express is responsible for the following…

Processing transactions between the buyer and vendor within a timely manner.

Changing order status to “Paid” in timely manner once we have received funds.

Helping dispensaries find the right vendors and products

Helping vendors gain discovery and increased sales.

Mediating disputes between buyer and seller.

Helping vendors set up their store when they initially start with Canada Green Express.

Effectively communicating with dispensaries and vendors such as ordering, payment and shipping instructions.

Continuously making updates that will better serve vendors and dispensaries.

Responding to any email and/or concern within 24 hours.

-Lost packages.

-Providing tracking numbers.

-Transferring vendor’s funds for orders before the The production or quality of any product.

-Chasing down buyers for not properly notifying Canada Green Express regarding a payment.

-Updating stores and/or adding products for vendors.

-Transferring vendor’s funds when the vendor has not properly followed Canada Green Express’s step by step instructions on how to properly withdraw funds.

Paying for orders within 24 hours after placing the order (or pre-pay!).

Contacting Canada Green Express after sending payment (see more details below).

Contacting Canada Green Express and/or the vendor if you have a concern regarding an order or payment.

Canada Green Express andvendordo not appreciate “rush orders”.

Effectively communicating with Canada Green Express if you have any questions or concerns.

Immediately notifying the customer should there be any sort of delay regarding the order.

Adding tracking numbers in the customer notes after shipping a package.

Switching the order status to “Completed” once the order has been shipped.

Ensuring you have added a shipping policy that touches on return policy and policies on lost packages clearly stated in your store pages. Find this in your dashboard, click “settings”, then click “shipping”.

Requesting funds from Canada Green Express that are marked as “Paid” and allowing Canada Green Express up to 2 full business (banking) days to send these to you.

Keeping your store up to date with stock/inventory.

Effectively communicating with Canada Green Express if you have any questions or concerns.

Dispensary – Orders/Payment FAQ

Should your order status not be marked as “paid” on the second business day after your payment cleared and was deposited into Canada Green Express’s account, please contact Canada Green Express immediately at orders@canadagreenexpress.com. Please include the order number in the email to help us serve you better

Canada Green Express is committed to processing your payments the same day they hit our accounts.  Please understand that Canada Green Expressis limited to operate during regular banking hours with wires/transfers and draft payments.  On these types of payments, it is up to the banks process the payments which through our experience can take up to 3 days.

Failure to properly notify Canada Green Express regarding a payment you made can result in delays.

Please follow the easy step by step process below after placing an order. Failure to not follow this process will most likely result in delays.

1. Make payment to Canada Green Expressusing one of our accepted methods of payment (see above).
2. Email Canada Green Expressat orders@canadagreenexpress.com with the following information:
* Your method of payment.
* The account you deposited funds in if you used Bank Transfer or Wire methods
* Amount you have paid.
* The order number in which this payment is for.

Yes. Pre-paying for orders is the most efficient and fastest way to speed up the process. This is highly recommended. If pre-paying for orders, please use the step by step process below. If you are limited by email money transfer limits, pre-paying is the easiest way to ensuring you receive your order when you want it.

Canada Green Express accepts

  1. Bank-to-bank transfers
  2. Email money transfers (EMT)
  3. Certified cheques
  4. Bank wires.
  5. Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies.
  6. Canada Green Express does NOT accept Cash

Please note the full ordering process below. We advise buyers to purchase before their stock is empty.

  1. Customer places order on Canada Green Express
  2. Customer transfers funds to Canada Green Express (full or partial transfer of funds must be made within 24 hours). Failure to notify Canada Green Express regarding the transfer of funds can result in delays. See detailed information below on how to properly notify Canada Green Express regarding payments.
  3. Bank processes customer payment and then releases funds to Canada Green Express (banks usually require up to 1-3 business days depending on method of payment). The best method is direct transfer or E-transfer, it is instant.
  4. Once funds have cleared Canada Green Express’s account, Canada Green Express changes order status to “Paid”.  Canada Green Express is committed to have this completed on the same day to reduce time to products getting on your door step. However, there are circumstances were this can take longer.
  5. Vendoris notified that payment is received and starts to process the order (1-2 business days). Please note that most vendors do not ship on Thursdays and/or Fridays due to the desire to reduce lack of climate control on your products. They want their products to arrive in the best condition for you.
  6. Vendor ships product, submits tracking number to the order notes and changes order status to “completed”.
  7. Courier delivers product. Canada Green Express advises that you plan your inventory and order ahead of time.  By placing an order 5-7 business days in advance, you are leaving adequate time to receive your products.

Dispensary Shipping FAQ

Should there be a problem with your order once it has arrived, you will want to contact the vendor immediately (click here for the vendor directory). Should the vendor not respond within 1-2 business days, please contact Canada Green Express at orders@canadagreenexpress.com.

As written in our terms and conditions, Canada Green Express takes no responsibility for lost packages. Should this rare event occur, it is strictly between the vendor and buyer to resolve? Please always look at the vendor’s shipping policy before placing an order. Should they have no shipping policy listed, please contact Canada Green Express and we will contact the vendor.

Please contact the vendordirectly should you have further inquiries or requests.

You will first want to email the vendor directly regarding a tracking number and/or shipping status update.

Should the vendor not respond to you within 1-2 business days, please contact Canada Green Expressat orders@canadagreenexpress.com with your order number and reason for the email.

The wholesale vendor is responsible to provide detailed tracking information to the buyer since they are the ones who ship.

Once you have paid in full for your order and have notified Canada Green Express in full detail regarding your payment, the vendor will then process the order and ship it using the shipping address that was provided.

Please note that vendors generally require 1-3 days to process the order once the order has been fully PAID for. You can find out more about individual vendors shipping policy on their individual shipping information pages.

1. Pre-load funds into your Canada Green Express account so that once you order the order status can be immediately marked as “paid”. Any remaining funds will go towards your next order as a credit.

2. After making any payment, always email orders@canadagreenexpress.com immediately with the following information:
Total amount of funds sent.
The order number (or notify Canada Green Express that this is a pre-payment).
Method of payment (EMT, bank transfer, bank wire and/or certified cheque).
To which bank account this was sent to. The date of when this was going.

Example: I have sent $1230 for order #12345 by certified cheque directly deposited in your RBC bank account on January 2nd.

Failure to properly notify Canada Green Express after making a payment will result in delays.

Please help us help you and communicate with us after making a payment.

Place orders between Thursday to Saturday. This will give the vendor a few days to process the order and ship then on Monday and/or Tuesday.

Producer Payment FAQ

1. Ship your order after the order status is marked as “Paid”.
2. Submit tracking number to “Customer Notes” in your Canada Green Express dashboard with courier used.
3. Change order status from “Paid” to “Completed”. No funds will show up in your account if you do not complete this step.
4. Request to withdraw funds from your dashboard. Email jma@canadagreenexpress.com with any specific requests and/or information (preferred email used for EMT, banking info, etc…).
5. Within 1-2 business days, your funds will be transferred.

Should you not receive funds after 2 business days, please contact Canada Green Express immediately for assistance.

Producer Shipping FAQ

Canada Green Express will follow the vendors shipping policy should such an event occur.

Failure to not have a clear shipping policy subjects the wholesale vendor to a potential 100% loss on the package.

Vendors MUST have clear shipping policy on their storefront. This can be found in your dashboard under “settings” and then select “shipping”.

You as the vendor must promptly upload tracking numbers to protect yourself and to keep customers informed.

Canada Green Express will not transfer you funds if there is no tracking number provided and no confirmation of package arrival from customer.

Should the package go missing and a tracking number was never provided, the vendor is 100% responsible for the loss.

Upload tracking numbers for every order, by doing this you will receive your funds from Canada Green Express faster, and retain great customer loyalty for excellent service.

The wholesale vendor is responsible for shipping. You may choose your preferred courier and set custom shipping rates.

Producer Store / Products FAQ

Please immediately contact both orders@canadagreenexpress.com and the buyer within the same email regarding the problem. Together we will solve this and move forward.

The vendor is responsible for keeping their store up to date.

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